We have added a third artist to our July gallery show, Tim Maben. Tim’s refers to his work as “segmented wood turning”. Crafting vessels using native and exotic woods, Tim’s work is intricate and designed with impeccable precision. In contrast to Mel Borg, some of Tim’s pieces are as small as 3″. We include a little from Tim’s bio here.

Tim Maben grew up in Oregon’s western Cascade Mountains exploring the forests and discovering, with his natural curiosity, the northwest’s unseen beauty. Working with materials from around the globe, Tim uses his fascination with the natural color and grain to unleash his ideas. He amplifies the beauty of these rare woods by placing them in one-of-a kind designs.

When he was just a young boy his playground was the forest itself. His father’s historical carpentry designs and encouragement inspired Tim to pursue his own version of artistic expression. Tim cannot fully anticipate what beauty will emerge until he puts the final touch on each of his unique creations.

Tim is also participating in the fund raising efforts for the Orphan Relief Fund.