Mel BorgOur exhibit this month is not only spectacular but will benefit a fantastic cause, Orphan Relief and Rescue. Our extreme wood turner, Mel Borg, has shared his passion not only for his craft, but also for this organization to whom he will be donating all his proceeds from the sale of his work in this show. Mel has always been philanthropic and devotes his time and money to several causes. Along with Mel, Rip, fellow artists in this show, Rod Cartasenga and Tim Maben, will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the organization.

The goals of Orphan Relief and Rescue are:

• To bring children in orphanages immediate relief from hunger, sickness and premature death.
• To provide sanitary living conditions through orphanage reconstruction projects.
• To create partnerships with other organizations to maintain the health and welfare of these children on a long-term, sustainable basis.
• To empower orphanage directors and older children with skills to sustain positive change, build self-sufficiency, and enable continued spiritual growth.

We hope you come in and see this awesome exhibit and consider acquiring a beautiful piece of art which will in turn help a child in need. To learn more about this great organization visit: