November First Friday at the Gallery

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It’s that time again, First Friday! We are showing Vancouver, WA artist Bev Jozwiak in an exhibit titled, Life with Life.  If you love her mischievous crows and regal chickens, we have a beautiful selection of those watercolor pieces, along with her gorgeous figurative, acrylic paintings. In addition, we have fantastic bronze sculptures by Alaskan artists Jacques and Mary Regat.

Michael Orwick has brought us some new work and we have several of Rip’s new pieces in the works, including a squirrel, an elephant, and a doe with her fawns.

You’ll enjoy entertainment by local guitarist and songwriter, Ron Hughes, wine tasting by Phelps Creek Vineyards, and hors d’ouerves.

Make sure to start your weekend off with us! Festivities start at 5:00 p.m. The City of Troutdale participates in First Friday as well, so you will enjoy lots of activities. Troutdale has great restaurants, shops and lots of parking.

Images: Rambling RoseRosebud by Jacques and Mary Regat;  Glad Times by Bev Jozwiak


I’d love to buy that piece, but…

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Most everyone would call themselves an art lover on some level, but when it comes to purchasing art, others are a little more tentative. What makes a great piece of art? Most gallerists and artists would say when deciding on a piece of art, buy what you absolutely love, the piece that speaks to you on some level.

Yes, there are collectors who buy art strictly for its investment potential. Their acquisitions may never see the light of day again until the owner wants to resell the piece. A great deal of fine art commerce relies on this type of collector, but for those of us who would love to collect en masse, but cannot, purchasing art has to be more meaningful and substantive. The art must evoke emotion to instigate the next step of actual buying.

You might be surprised to learn that price is not always what keeps a client from actually making the purchase. Hesitancy often comes from not knowing where or how they will display the piece. It’s with that in mind, we’d like to offer some tips for you.

  • If you only buy art occasionally, the best advice is to buy the piece that moves you on some level. It might be a landscape that is familiar to you and reminds you of a special moment. It might be a still life of an object that makes a special reference and makes you smile. It might be the use of a color or a simple brush stroke in just the right place that completes the painting and makes it stand out from the rest. Don’t over analyze your reaction to a piece. The most you should ask of an object d’art is that it gives you pleasure every time you see it.
  • Know your budget. Even if you fall in love with a piece, but can’t come to terms with the price, you’re unlikely to really enjoy it when you bring it home. Of course the gallery can help with this and often has several payment options—and layaway is one of them, but in the end, we want you to be comfortable—and return to buy more art. Art shoppers often shop with a number in mind and are willing to go a little further for that extraordinary find—know what that is and then take the plunge!
  • “I’m not sure where I’d put it”. This is easy for us more decisive types, but can be a dilemma for others. If it’s a two dimensional piece, wall space is key. However, consider displaying your painting on an easel or propped up on a ledge or sill. Some pieces even look great simply leaning against a wall. Remember the living and dining room are not the only places to hang fine art. Many home have spacious kitchens and great rooms, there’s always a bedroom or office. Where do you spend most of your time? Don’t display art for the visitors that will come and go; display it for your pleasure.
  • If you would love a Rip Caswell sculpture but think you have no place for it. Consider the above advice. Sculpture doesn’t always have to be displayed on a pedestal. A smaller piece can be displayed on a wall shelf. We have installed very large pieces on stairway landings and entry door alcoves. If room if tight inside and you have a protected patio or deck area, displaying your piece there, where it is visible from the inside, might be perfect. Bronze can handle all kinds of weather—that means the bathroom or kitchen where humidity fluctuations won’t harm it.
  • Even artisan jewelry or tooled leather can be displayed. Hang it on a door or on the wall from a beautifully crafted hook. Be creative. Almost anything goes with a little imagination. There is no real formula.
  • A few cautions. Know what conditions are best for your art. If you love your bathroom and envision admiring your art while taking a long, steamy bubble bath, you might want to consider hanging that water color in a different location, but it could the perfect place for a ceramic sculpture or blown glass piece. Bronze is great inside and out. A turned wood bowl is best in a neutral temperature zone, away from direct heat. Most paintings do best out of direct sunlight. Keep traffic patterns in mind with other media. Fine blown glass is probably better out of a high traffic area where it won’t get knocked around.
  • If you’re truly stumped, but the piece anyway. Bring it home and display it somewhere prominent, where you will walk by it or see it all the time. We guarantee, sooner than later, the perfect place will present itself to you.

Remember, the gallery where you purchased your art is a great resource. Be sure to take advantage of their expertise and ask about where and how to display your art.

Fall Foliage Studio Tour this weekend

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Rip will be participating in the West Columbia Gorge Fall Studio Tour this coming weekend. This will be a great opportunity to visit the gallery and Rip’s studio.

Fall Foliage Studio Tour 2012 event is a free, self-guided event sponsored by the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce. See Mother Nature’s finest work as she and artists throughout the area create with the magic of nature and inspiration! Enjoy a historic and spectacular scenic journey as you experience our communities and meet the artists who live and create here. Awe-inspiring views will surround you as you meander through the Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge visiting the artists as they work in their studios! Part of the Fall Foliage Open Studio Tour includes a passport card which art-goers pick up at the Exhibition Gallery or from the chamber’s Troutdale location. Art-goers present their passport cards to each studio they visit. The artist then initials them, and the visitors leave their passports with the last studio artist or at the Exhibition Gallery. Passports will be entered into a drawing for 5 beautiful metalized leaves. The more studios visited, the better the chance of winning.

The event begins with the opening of the Exhibition Gallery in Fairview on Saturday, October 13. The gallery location at 1515 NE Village Street in Fairview, OR will be open daily 11am to 5pm, October 13 through the 21st. Samples of each artist’s work will be on display October 13 through the 21st. Friday evening, October 19, at 6 pm there will be a gala opening at the Exhibition Gallery to meet the artists and mingle with other art enthusiasts as they sample hors d’oeuvres. The silent auction will continue through the evening. Guests will bid on their favorite leaf-themed art pieces and cast their votes for the “people’s choice” award.

The Tour
Artists’ studios will be open 11am-5pm daily both Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21. The Exhibition Gallery closes Sunday, October 21, at 5 pm with a cast party at 6 pm featuring the artists. The “People’s Choice” award and “Passport” prizes will be awarded at this time. Greet the artists one last time as we celebrate and share our adventures. Next year’s Exhibition Gallery will be in Cascade Locks, OR.

Leaf-Themed Auction
To raise money for subsequent studio tours, each participating artist has created and donated a leaf-themed piece of art. The pieces will be displayed at the Exhibition Gallery all week and final bids will be accepted until 9 pm at the end of the gala event the evening of October 19.

Bev Jozwiak, “Life with Life” Exhibit

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Bev Jozwiak has shown many times at the Gallery. We love her ability to capture common subjects, in their everyday environments and somehow make them seem exquisitely unique and special. Bev has acquired national acclaim as a watercolor painter. Her work is impressionistic and she strives for realism while expressing the love and energy that goes into each piece. We will be exhibiting Bev’s work during the months of October and November in an exhibit titles, Life with Life.

For Bev, art has been in her life for as long as she can remember. She is the first formally trained artist in her family, but not the first. She is a graduate of Western Washington University, in Fine Arts and Art History minor.

She has been the subject of many one-woman shows, has earned signature status into the American Watercolor Society, NWWS, Watercolor West, and the National Watercolor Society. She has won multiple awards and been featured in numerous magazines including American Artist, The Artist, Watercolor Artist, The Collector, and International Artist; and even had calendar published by Hallmark. Featured for the past five times in a row in the well know best of watercolor books, Splash, Bev believes in keeping original art affordable and accessible to everyone. Be sure to visit the Gallery to see this special body of work.

Images: 1st Street Hotel and Glad Times