We are very excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary on December 2, 2012. Rip first opened the doors of the original Troutdale location in 1992. Having started, and run, a very successful taxidermy business from his home Rip decided he needed to make room for his growing family and find a new spot for his business. Rip had already started sculpting bronzes and after learning that American Art Castings, the foundry that cast his sculpture, was moving to a building with room for him, he also moved into the former potato warehouse at 201 W. Columbia River Highway.

Realizing the size of the space would be perfect for a gallery and a studio, Rip decided to continue with his taxidermy business, and sell his sculpture along with limited edition prints. One thing led to another, and as result of his relationships with the foundry, and other sculptors utilizing the foundry, the gallery started showing the work of these artists as well.

Eventually, the original foundry was sold. Rip soon discovered how fascinated and interested visitors were in the lost wax casting process and opened up his own foundry with a viewing room so visitors could watch. Rip operated the foundry for 5 years before selling it to concentrate on his sculpting.

Over time the gallery space enjoyed a third remodel, creating a 16,000 sq. ft. space large enough to house Rip’s studio, show his many monument pieces, and exhibit the work of dozens of Northwest artists. The building was also home to a popular wine tasting room, frame shop and custom fine jewelry designer.

After residing in that building for over 18 years, the Gallery moved “uptown” last year. Yes, the space is a little smaller, but Rip still has his studio and exhibits work by the Northwest’s most established artists.

Rip has recently acquired a foundry. Firebird Bronze is located in Boring and will be casting Rip’s work as well as work by other artists. There is also a plan in the works for an artist’s condominium community which would have artist’s residences with studios, an artist co-op, Caswell Gallery and Studio, as well as a new wine tasting room.

Come by the Gallery on First Friday, December 7 to help us celebrate and see our new exhibit. The fun starts at 5:00 p.m.

Rip’s grand reopening of the 16,000 sq. ft. Gallery remodel
Gallery veterans and there from the beginning, Kathy Toynbee and Pattie Shields
The first of many events at the Gallery
Our new home, for now…