Rip is bringing the “trout back to Troutdale”! This week Rip arranged for 100, 8-9 inch trout to be delivered to the pond on the future Caswell Gallery and Garden Apartments; gallery and artist living/work spaces.

trout plantHow did Troutdale get its name? Captain John Harlow, a former sea captain from Maine and successful Portland businessman, conceived a plan for the town of Troutdale. 1872 he purchased land to build his home and named his place Troutdale in reference to the fish ponds he built near the cliff. Around 1915, the  Mayo family purchased land a stone’s throw south along the cliff and built apartments. Inspired by Harlow’s ponds, Mayo dug a series of ponds and raised his own trout. Caswell now owns this property and intends to develop his own apartments that will house artist, with live work spaces. You can still see the spring boxes on the hillside Mayo used to capture the water. Metal pipes fed into a series of concrete holding tanks to raise the fish until they were of size and released into 4 separate spring fed ponds. People were charged a fee to fish. The pond no longer has these separations and has become a favorite place for local wildlife. 12 nesting pairs of wood ducks, countless frogs and a few pond turtles have been observed and this winter a flock of 20-30 mallards. Red wing black birds use the cattails, two great blue herons,  osprey, eagles and even a river otter all have been spotted. It is the hope that the trout will support these animals and sustain their habitat. Once the property is developed, the pond may be opened periodically to allow children to fish.

A member of the Troutdale community for over 2 decades, Rip has been actively involved in development and enhancement of Troutdale as a tourist destination.