For the months of May and June we delighted to feature wildlife artist, Peter Mathios, whose work gives specific meaning to our exhibit title “Is it Real or is it Kodak”. If you’ve been to the Gallery over the past week or so, you’ve seen Peter’s work and were surely amazed at his mastery of detail and ability to create a photographic snapshot with the use of a paintbrush, rather than a lens.

Mathios-Still Waters-18x24Peter has been painting since he was a child. Inspired by memories of hunting with his father in Northern California, his favorite subjects are ducks and other waterfowl.

Behind each of Peter’s paintings is inspiration that comes from past experiences. There has to be that breathtaking moment when light, color and wildlife come together in a harmony that strikes the core of his soul in order for him to create a painting. Moments like these usually stem from childhood memories, and for Peter, they originated from hunting ducks with his father and brother in the Suisun Marsh of Northern California. During this time, he became increasingly interested in the different species of waterfowl and continuously drew them. Peter copied wildlife photos that appeared in hunting magazines as well as the fantastic hunting scenes he longed to experience during the off-season. This passion soon led the artist into the world of wildlife conservation andAmerican Kestrel 5x5 supporting the groups that purchase, enhance and maintain our wildlife habitat. Whether observing the majestic beauty of a bull elk on a frosty mountain meadow or the sleek elegance of a Northern Pintail, Peter wants to share these moments in nature through his paintings.

Peter was the 2009 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year and he designed the 2010 DU National Stamp and 2010 Texas Duck Stamp. His work was featured in the 2008 Pheasants Forever National Art Package as well as in numerous DU national merchandise packages. In 2006, he won the Michigan Duck Stamp contest. He has been juried into the prestigious Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum numerous times and annually participates in the prestigious American Miniatures Show at Settlers West Gallery in Tucson. US Art magazine named him one of the ‘Young Guns of Wildlife Art’ in an editorial describing up and coming wildlife artists. He has also US Art and California Waterfowl magazines. Internationally, he was commissioned to paint the 2001 New Zealand Fish and Game Habitat Stamp.

Peter paints in acrylic and is a full-time artist. He makes his home in the Willamette Valley.

Shown here: Still Waters, 18 x 24 inches and American Kestrel, 5 x 5 inches