2012 CEO's Caucus (sm)Bev Jozwiak is one of our most popular Gallery artists. We love her ability to capture common subjects, in their everyday environments and somehow make them seem exquisitely unique and special.

Jozwiak has acquired national acclaim as a watercolor painter. Her work is impressionistic and she strives for realism while expressing the love and energy that goes into each piece. “Painting very directly, I place my watercolors on the paper with very little mixing on the palette. I use lots of varied color in my blacks to keep them from going flat, in my whites to keep them glowing, and even in my skin tones to keep them interesting. Emotion plays an important part in every successful painting, so I choose only subjects that call to me and that gives my work energy and excitement.”

She has been the subject of many one-woman shows, has earned 2013-09-21 10.28.34signature status into the American Watercolor Society, NWWS, Watercolor West, and the National Watercolor Society. She has won multiple awards and been featured in numerous magazines including American Artist, The Artist, Watercolor Artist, The Collector, and International Artist; and even had calendar published by Hallmark. Featured for the past five times in a row in the well know best of watercolor books, Splash, Bev believes in keeping original art affordable and accessible to everyone.

In addition to her signature watercolor paintings, we also have some of Bev’s acrylic pieces. Visit the Gallery to see her fantastic paintings.

Images: CEO’s Caucus; Luminesce