Chad Caswell is well on his way to becoming a respected sculptor in his own right. Several months ago Chad was contacted by the City of McMinville as they were laying the groundwork to commission a monument honoring Leonard DeWitt and all the Oregon Army National Guard soldiers who fought in WWII, and “distinguished themselves in battle”, but were never awarded the Medal of Honor.

leonarddewittjpg-58c7fefd5e860fdbAs many of you are aware, Chad has been working on this sculpture for a few months now, but what you might not realize is this sculpture will become a reality only when funding has been achieved. Chad has recently learned that a portion of the funding for this monument has not been realized. We are highlighting this effort on behalf of REAL-Heroes.US and all those “current Oregonians who serve under the same 41st “Sunset” Infantry banner.”

REAL-Heroes.US recognizes those who encompass the best of American ingenuity and coolness under pressure. They are dedicated to “Recognizing Excellence and Leadership” by strengthening our communities through emulating ethical leaders.

We hope you will visit to learn more about Leonard DeWitt, this organization and ways you can help in this endeavor.

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To learn more about the Congressional Medal of Honor, visit