2014-02-18 11.16.23Ahhh spring!! We were off in January, snowed out in February, but we’re ready to roll into spring in March.

Come celebrate the onset of Daylight Savings Time and First Friday with fresh, new work by Brenda Boylan, Michael Orwick, Bev Jozwiak, and Bev Curtis. Preview a selection of work by Lillian Pitt for her upcoming show in May. Catch up with Rip, enjoy a little blarney with Kathy (just back from her trip to Ireland), and check on the progress of Chad’s “Helmet Hero” monument. Entertainment by Quincy Blanchette and wine tasting, of course. Festivities start at 5 pm and go through 9pm.

Because we’re so anxious for spring, here’s a little trivia about Daylight Savings Time from timeanddate.com. Did you know:

Not all countries, in the northern hemisphere observe DST, but many do. Records show that the phrases “spring forward and  fall back” have been used as far back as the early 20th century. DST allows more daylight in the evening (which we all love). 

Benjamin Franklin first suggested Daylight Saving Time in 1784, but the instigation of DST is mainly credited to English builder, William Willett who proposed the Daylight Savings Bill to House of Commons in 1908. It was not until WW I (1916) that it was adopted by several European countries. The US adopted DST in 1918 with the Standard Time Act, which also established the standard time zones as we know them. Most states in the US observe daylight saving time except Arizona (but the Navajo Nation does) and Hawaii.

Image: Autumn’s Wake by Brenda Boylan