Artist profile: Lillian Pitt

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Lillian Pitt will be joining us for First Friday on May 2, 2014. A Native American artist from the Big River (Columbia River) region of the Pacific Northwest, Pitt was born on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. She is a descendent of Wasco, Yakama, and Warm Springs people.

04_SS_1-whitePitt is one of the most highly regarded Native American artists in the Pacific Northwest. Her works have been exhibited and reviewed regionally, nationally and internationally, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions. Her awards include the 2007 Earle A. Chiles Award for Lifetime Achievement, and the 1990 Governor’s Award of the Oregon Arts Commission, which declared that she had made “significant contributions to the growth and development of the cultural life of Oregon.”

Primarily a sculptor and mixed media artist, Lillian’s lifetime of works include artistic expressions in clay, bronze, wearable art, prints, and most recently, glass. The focus of her work draws on over 12,000 years of Native American history and tradition of the Columbia River region. Regardless of the medium she chooses to use, Lillian’s contemporary works are all aimed at giving voice to her people.

“Everything I do, regardless of the medium, is directly related to honoring my ancestors and giving voice to the people, the environment and the animals. It’s all about maintaining a link with tradition, and about honoring the many contributions my ancestors have made to this world.” While glass is her most recent medium, Lillian continues to create works in all of the various media she is known for, including clay, bronze, jewelry, prints, and mixed media.

Lillian’s works are found in personal collections, art galleries and museums. They are also found in numerous public spaces including parks, schools and cultural institutions throughout the region. Her most recent public works are featured at the Vancouver Land Bridge, one of the seven “confluence” projects along the Columbia River, designed by internationally renowned architect Maya Lin.

Just as her ancestors would have done, Lillian makes creative use of whatever materials are available and appropriate to the task at hand. Lillian’s most recent works are made from the mediums of cast glass and fused glass.

Lillian says, “I love using glass because of the sense of depth I can create in my sculptures, and because it helps me to create the kind of spiritual quality I’m often trying to achieve.”

Be sure to join us on First Friday and meet this unique artist and learn more about her work and technique.

Images: Shadow Spirit in the Grasses; Dreamer


Artist Profile: Carrie Wild from Jackson Hole

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Carrie Wild_River's EdgeWe now have some new paintings in the Gallery by Jackson Hole artist, Carrie Wild. Carrie’s wildlife paintings are realistic, but have a very contemporary feel. She incorporates gold leaf and applies a hand-fired acrylic glaze which adds dimension and depth to her paintings. Come by the Gallery for a closer look. If you love wildlife work, but want something a little different, these might be perfect for you.

About Carrie Wild
Carrie was raised on a small horse farm in Southern Michigan where she learned to respect, appreciate and love animals from a young age. Her childhood was spent riding horses, exploring the forests in search of wildlife and competing in horse shows. Along with her love of nature she developed a passion for art early in life. She studied and experimented drawing with different dry mediums including graphite, charcoal, colored pencil and soft pastel. Through her knowledge of horses and wildlife she developed a strong drawing technique focusing on the anatomy and characteristics of each subject.

As a teen Carrie bought her first camera and began making photographs of her subjects as a foundation for her artistic vision. She uses her photography for inspiration as well as an excuse to spend more time in the field with the animals she loves. As witness to theCarrie Wild_Remuda in Emerald (2) wonders of nature and the countless heart pounding moments, she translates her experiences through the application of dramatic colors and presence in her paintings while maintaining realistic confirmation of the animal. With a contemporary style she hopes to create a relationship between the painting and its viewer as well as encourage a love for wildlife and wildlife art in modern design.

Carrie is based in Jackson, Wyoming. After visiting for a summer, she immediately fell in love with the power of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and decided that there was no better place to be to realize her vision. Surrounded by the inspiration of wildlife, horses and wide open spaces she paints in her home studio at the edge of Grand Teton National Park.

River’s Edge; Remuda in Emerald (diptych, one shown here)

Artist Profile: Katie Hovis of Whimsy

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LabrinthNL8Katie Hovis of Whimsy has a great selection of her gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If you are still looking for just the right Christmas gift, come by and take a look at her jewelry. We like to share info on our artists and what inspires their work and process. In her own words, here is Katie’s story.

“Whimsy is my own line of unique, hand crafted wire and gemstone jewelry.  I use hard to find semi-precious gems, natural jaspers and agates and combine them with hand forged sterling silver and 14k gold fill components — each piece is bound together with fine wire like an intricately woven tapestry — my process is akin to assembling a puzzle:  I start with various basic shapes, pick out my stones and move them aNuvoER4round until they fit perfectly together, adding texture and other details as I see fit.  I use only “cold connection” methods, meticulously wrapping each little piece with my hands and an occasional set of pliers, using my trusty hammer to strengthen and shape the thicker metals.  No torches, heat or treatments (aside from oxidization for a dark sheen on the silver). 

My current collection is inspired by love, nature, music and the spiraling, flowing forward motion of life.  I am drawn to asymmetry and try to create balance in all my designs with color, movement and proportion.  The right piece of jewelry can LapisNL1change your mood, your appearance and lift your spirits (much as music can) and I LOVE knowing that something I made with my own 2 hands is being worn and cherished long after it’s left my studio.

It all began as a childhood obsession with agates and other stones for my prized rock collection.  Family trips to the Oregon and Washington coast were spent digging in the sand, hunting for the perfect agate. After years of collecting, I became interested in the names and origins of each type and wanted to learn more… I am still discovering new types of gems and rocks to this day, and have a new favorite each week!

Working out of my home studio in Vancouver, WA, I am able to be a single, stay at home parent to my 2 young wonderful boys while living my ultimate dream.  And they get to see firsthand that it IS possible to take something you love and turn it into a successful endeavor when you have the unyielding determination and passion to do so.

Artist Profile: Brenda Boylan

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Most of you know Brenda Boylan’s pastel work, but Brenda has been working in oils for the past few years. She has developed her own unique style in this medium and has also been painting city scapes as well as landscapes and still life. New in the Gallery is a series of 6 x 6 inch still life oil paintings. Her new work is guaranteed to have her signature appeal.

Brenda Boylan began her artistic career in California as a graphic designer, working with such notable clients as NIKE and Columbia Sportswear. She is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America and the Northwest Pastel Society, and is an award winning and published pastel painter. Boylan is Pink Peoniecurrently featured in the April/May 2012 issue of  Plein Air Magazine, where she discusses and demonstrates her unique technique. Boylan has an affinity for painting ‘en plein air’, which she describes as a combination of joy, poetry, and spirituality that uses all her senses to capture the landscape’s beauty. She also enjoys creating studio works when the winter months keep her indoors. She is often inspired by reflection on water, the seasonal color changes in the landscape, and the occasional urban scene. Boylan’s work can also be found in private corporate collections throughout the U.S. She resides in Portland, OR with her husband and two children.

Artist Statement
Turp, Bestine & PhaloPainting is my refuge and my source. It is where I lose myself and find myself, again. As I layer pigment down in the form of pastel or oil, I am transformed to another level of consciousness, much like meditation, where I develop a joyful, poetic conversation with my subject. Each painting measures another step in my journey as an artist that often results in a never ending discovery of my visual world.  Working both outdoors and in my studio provides room to communicate color relationships, light, and form. This desire to create and interpret what I see around me is a gift, a treasure, and the road map to my best and truest self.

My move into oils has been an expedient one over the course of the year. The oils compliment my pastel work, and on some levels, influencing my technique with pastels, making them loose and more gestural.

Brenda’s most recent awards include:
Second Place Award, Pacific Northwest Plein Air, Sept 2013
Best of Show, Purchase Award, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, June 2013
Best Farm Scene, Pacific Northwest Plein Air, Sept 2012
Second Place and Honorable Mention, Yamhill Lavender Plein Air, July 2012
Third Place Award, Los Gatos Plein Air, June 2012
Pongson Espada Memorial Award, Northwest Pastel Society 25th Annual International, Nov 2011
Pastel Painters of Hawaii Award, Pastel Society of America 39th Annual, Sept 2011
Honorable Mention Award, Pacific Northwest Plein Air Festival, Aug 2011
1st Place Award, Yamhill Lavender Plein Air Festival, July 2011
Blue Ribbon Award, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, June 2011

Images: Pink Peonie; Turp, Bestine & Phalo

Artist Profile: Philip Smith

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Phil Smith is a native of Portland, Oregon and has been painting for over 35 years. He was born legally blind and has limited vision in only one eye. Because of this, his innate perception of color, light and depth is amazing as demonstrated by his paintings.

Phil paints in acrylic and oil and has explored a full range of subject matter including landscape, seascape, still life and portraits. He also does many commissioned paintings.

Water and LightHe has displayed in art shows hosted by Artists with Disabilities, Beaverton Arts Commission, Canby and Welches Art Festivals and most recently in the Audubon Wild Arts Festival in Portland.

We have a nice selection of Smith’s work, including this awesome beach scene where the ocean comes to life.

Image: Mid-cycle Sundown; Water and Light

Artist Profile: Sally O’Neill


Gorge Crest Vineyard ViewThe paintings of Sally O’Neill are vibrant and impressionistic. Her subjects include landscapes and still life. We’re happy to report we have quite a selection of her work in the Gallery right now.

A native of Southern California, Sally O’Neill has lived in the foothills of the Northern Oregon Cascade Mountains since 1991. As a child, she enjoyed painting and drawing in addition to music studies. She majored in music in college and is an accomplished pianist. Sally worked in the medium of watercolor for a period of time in the 1980’s. In 1998, Sally went back to painting seriously working solely in oils.

“As soon as I started painting with oils I knew I had found the perfect medium to express my artistic vision. As an admirer of the impressionists, I am obsessed with light, color and atmosphere. Through the layering of colors and texture I’m trying to achieve the effects of light at different times of the day. Overall, I want my paintings to bring the viewer into a world they would love to be in, that of beauty and sun drenched days.”

O’Neill’s plein air and studio paintings reflect her enthusiasm for life October Sunsetand an appreciation for her subject matter. O’Neill has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her work can be seen in a number of private as well as corporate collections. She also teaches group workshops in addition to private art students.

We think her work has wide appeal. Visit the Gallery and take a look. You might just find the perfect piece to give for Christmas.

Image: Gorge Crest Vineyard View; October Sunset

Artist Profile: JM Brodrick

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We are pleased to offer a number of paintings by JM Brodrick. Brodrick’s paintings include a wide range of themes from the beauty of old growth forests to the simple beauty of wetlands, fields, people, and city scenes. Her works are described as serene and peaceful but can include both drama and poetic tenderness along with a unique softness and graceful sense of beauty. Her use of colors laid over each other resulting in hues that seem to glow from within. Playing one color off the other in harmony much as a composer would use combinations of notes to form a symphony.

BrodrDSCN0386ick studied painting and classical music in her youth and received her first scholarship at the age of 13. Her grandmother, who was a professional artist from Helsinki Finland, guided her love of the arts. She grew up in a working artist environment. “My Grandmother helped me connect with other artists and shape me at an early age to express myself with painting” says Brodrick. In the 1977 she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska where the rugged lifestyle and freedom of the open country inspired her to further develop her artistic talents.2013-11-19 11.40.59

Brodrick’s paintings are in numerous corporate collections in the United States and Europe and Japan including: Atlantic Richfield Corporation, the embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington D.C., and the State of Alaska and Global National Health Hospital in Tokyo. Brodrick now lives in Oregon.

If you are looking for that special piece, come by and take a look at JM Brodrick’s beautiful paintings.

Images: Splendor in the Grass; PDX

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